Article 7 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic refers the principles Portugal follows in terms of international relations. In this page you can find links to the internet sites of International organisations where Porugal is a member or has active participation.

International relations

In international relations, Portugal shall be governed by the principles of national independence, respect for human rights, the rights of peoples, equality between States, the peaceful settlement of international disputes, non-interference in the internal affairs of other states and co-operation with all other peoples for the emancipation and progress of mankind.

Portugal shall advocate the abolition of imperialism, colonialism and any other form of aggression, domination and exploitation in relations among peoples, as well as the achievement of simultaneous and controlled general disarmament, the dissolution of political-military blocs and the setting up of a collective security system, with a view to the creation of an international order capable of safeguarding peace and justice in relations among peoples.

Portugal recognises the right of peoples to self-determination, independence and development, as well as the right to rebel against all forms of oppression.

Portugal shall maintain privileged bonds of friendship and co-operation with those countries that are Portuguese-speaking.

Portugal is pledged to the reinforcement of the European identity and to the strengthening of the commitment of the States of Europe to democracy, peace, economic progress and justice in the relations between their peoples.

Provided that there is reciprocity, Portugal may enter into agreements for the joint exercise of the powers necessary to establish the European Union, in ways that have due regard for the principle of subsidiarity and the objective of economic and social cohesion.